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Hiring guide for Plumbing Repair in Mumbai

If plumbing had not been discovered by people, we would surely not be living as comfortably as we are today. A well-functioning household is essential for effectiveness in life. Kitchens and bathrooms are an essential fragment of a house. Any kind of obstruction, such as a clogged pipe or running toilet, can bring your entire schedule to a standstill, while at the same time disrupting your normalcy of everyday life. Everyone needs fresh water to drink, brought by pipes into the home. We need a way to get waste not only out of our homes, but out of our towns as well, without compromising the quality of nearby waterways.

Banging noises in the walls or a spreading water stain from the inside are usually difficulties that need the hand of a qualified plumber. Or there could be a special problem or project, like installing a rainwater tank or grey water recycling that will only work without a hitch when a plumbing expert has been engaged to manage the process. Whenever there is water in a place where it shouldn’t be or whenever there isn’t any water where it should be – you should be on the phone straight away to your preferred, licensed plumber.

If you find yourself in such situation, then Service Saathi is the one stop that provides a solution for all your problems. Service Saathi serves as a platform that connects you to the best professionals in near place according to the time convenient to you.


How it works?

Go on to the Service Saathi website or app to search ‘Plumbing’ in the search tab or directly click on Plumbing tab shown on the homepage. A pop-up box will open up before you, containing few questions. These questions aim to extract information such as the type of plumber required, your locality and time, the kind of service required and so on. As soon as you finish answering the questions, your request will be uploaded on the portal and a professional will be at your doorstep at your requested time and location.


Services Offered for Plumbing Services:

  • Inspection

  • Tap Installation | Repair | Replacement

  • Shower Kit Repairing and Replacement

  • Kitchen Kit Replacement | Leakage

  • Wash Basin Tap Repair | Replacement | Installation

  • Commod and Toilet Flush Repairing and Installation; etc

The above is not an exhaustive list. They are a small part of the various Plumber services offered by Service Saathi.

Why Service Saathi Plumbing Service?

  • Verified professional: The work of a plumber can’t be done by just anyone since doing it properly needs the right skills and knowledge. Without these two, something could go wrong and the water or some of the water will surely be wasted.

All the professionals on the Service Saathi portal are taken through screening for verification. They are even given extensive training to ensure that only good quality of work reaches our customers.

  • Online payment: To any risk of frauds and to get away with the unnecessary hassle, Service Saathi promotes the online mode of payment. 

  • Service Guarantee: We take full ownership of our service and therefore, we provide a 30-day service guarantee against our Plumbing Repair Services.

Frequently asked questions about Plumbing Repair Service

How much will I be charged?

The professional will be able to advise the recommended service and final quote after detecting the fault with the appliance. You can choose to go ahead with the service or deny it. If you don’t avail any other service except inspection, you will be entitled to pay an inspection charge of Rs. 100.

What is the quality of the spare parts?

However, we even have a 30-day service guarantee in case you face any problem.

Who will procure any parts, if needed?

The spare parts needed for the repair of the appliance will be procured by the professional himself. The charges for the procured item(s) will be taken separately. However, you can also procure the part(s) yourself if you prefer to.