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Air Conditioner


Hiring guide for AC Repair Services in Mumbai


Being one of the most commonly used appliances in our households, ACs need to be continuously maintained and looked after, especially in a tropical country like India. A dysfunctional AC can be a hassle in our cities and searching for a reliable technician is an added headache. But don’t worry anymore! With Service Saathi, we’ve got you covered. You can now book a professional to repair/service your AC from the convenience of your home. Inform us the most suitable time for you and our trusted professional will reach your home at the given slot. Receiving wonderful feedback and a string of happy customers, Service Saathi’s AC repair service is continuously proving itself to be a boon for our customers.

How it works?


  1. Go to the Service Saathi website or Application
  2. Click on the AC icon on the screen
  3. Fill in the details according to your requirements(split or window AC, location, time etc.) OR simply call on the provided number and book our service over the phone.
  4. Relax at your home while the professional arrives at your doorstep at your requested time


To book one of our trusted professionals closest to you, simply go on the Service Saathi website or application and type ‘AC repair’ in the search tab. A tab will pop up on your screen. Fill the details according to your requirements and tell us what type of service are you looking for(split or window AC, location, time etc.). Relax at your home while the professional arrives at your doorstep at your requested time!

Services offered in AC Service and Repair

Wet services

Choose this service when you want end to end cleaning of your AC. It will involve cleaning and washing of cooling coils, condenser coils, outer panel, drain and filet pipes.

Installing an AC

When you have purchased a new AC and want it installed in your home, you can choose this option. Our technician will install the AC and check its smooth functioning post installation.

Uninstalling an existing AC

Call on us when you want to remove an AC from your home. Our technician will check the AC before the uninstallation.


Choose this option tor un a diagnosis or to simply repair a problem in your AC. Our technician will check the AC and charge an amount which will vary depending on the issue of the appliance.



Why Service Saathi AC Service and Repair?


One-stop destination

At Service Saathi, besides calling upon technicians to repair your AC, you can also use our platform to call on other professionals to fix all your home gadgets and appliances.

Quality assurance

We ensure quality performance from our technicians who enter your home all they way to the team which will handle your after service requirements.


Whatever time you choose to book our services, you can be assured that our professional will reach your home on the requested time to assure maximum efficiency and convenience to you.

Service guarantee

We guarantee the best services from professional technicians for all your AC problems.


No more do you need to find a good and reliable technician to fix your AC problems. We know how hard that can be. So, simply book a service personnel from the convenience of your home and at a time that suits you the best.

Standardized pricing

Our price are assured to be of an economical rate for the AC services we render.

Trusted and verified executives

All our professionals and technicians have been verified and our guaranteed to be excellent in the field of AC repairing.

100% money back assurance

If ever you are not happy with our services, we will make sure we return your money. We only count customers once they are completely satisfied by our services.

Refer and earn

If you refer us to any of your friends or family members, you too can get a chance to earn from the company’s services! It’s a great way to earn extra bucks with minimal effort.

Frequently asked questions about AC Service and Repair

Do I need to get the extra/replaceable parts myself or will the professional get them?

The spare parts needed for the repair of the appliance will be procured by the professional himself. The charges for the procured item(s) will be taken separately. However, you can also procure the part(s) yourself if you prefer to.


What if there is no service availed? How much would I have to pay?

If the technician has come over to you location to check the AC and you do not wish to continue the service, a visiting charge of Rs. 300 will need to be paid.

What is the quality of the parts procured by the professional?

We assure you that all our parts brought by our professionals are of high quality standards. However, we even have a 30-day service guarantee in case you face any problem.